Hope In The Valley Equine Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. (HITVERAS) is a non-profit organization which subsists entirely on donations and volunteers. There are no federal funds available to aid equine rescues, so HITVERAS survives on donations from private organizations and individuals, as well as volunteers to get the work done of feeding and caring for as many as 40-45 starved and abused horses. In that spirit, we donate the hosting, domain management, email accounts, mailing list program and site design, development and maintenance.

The site data is held in a database storing information for each horse, event, volunteer sign-up calendar, and slide-show.

Web Site Components
This site consists of a user-friendly front-end with a volunteer calendar of events with sign-up form and a secure back-end application for authorized contributors to update horse data, view horse information, post comments to a discussion board, and more.

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